Future Sengbergs

A Childhood Friendship Into a Life Long Love

Kara & Mathias grew up in Boca Raton, Florida at the same church and school.
While Mathias was a few years older than Kara, the attraction was there, yet doubtful. In December of 2015, mid-way through Kara's college experience, the two rekindled the "somewhat" historic acquaintance into a strong friendship, love and desire for the fullness of life together. Through many adventures in heart, in travel and in spirit - Mathias and Kara are setting foot into one of life's greatest relationships! 

The Ladies
Tess Sangree
Jackie Green
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz
Amanda Higgins
Emma Hedwall
Lindsey Evans
Tori Hubbard
Roberta Leite
Nicole Gunn
The Gents
Steven Sengberg
Troy Bryant
Manu Gonzalez
Stefan Wolff
Matt Madsen
Haden Sangree
Eric Barth
Sean Lyons
Jacob Bryant


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